University-CDBS Specialization Program in Deaf-Blindness

An Endorsement Program in the Education of Learners who are Deaf-blind

(This four-year, federally funded project ended in 2012.)

This unique program, a collaboration of San Francisco State University's Special Education Department and CDBS, trained 24 highly qualified teachers to work effectively with learners who are deaf-blind.  The year-long internship at CDBS, concurrent with student teaching, included observation, supported engagement in technical assistance activities, extensive reflections with CDBS staff on effective practices for educating students who are deaf-blind, team collaboration, and providing technical assistance to educational team members and families.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Robbie Blaha from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired led an inspiring day.



Saturday, October 20, 2012
It was another great day with HKNC's Anindya (Bapin) Bhattacharyya's presentation on assistive technology and NCDB's Gail Leslie's review of the major changes to their website.


  • Courtney Gumora
  • Eileen Klafter
  • Phuong Va


  • Tanya Derkash
  • Danielle Fleming
  • Mary Claire Gatmaitan
  • Heidi Hubrich
  • Kiernan Rok
  • Ted Scott-Smith
  • Christeen Treacy



Lorena Antillon


Trish Bui


Janelle Franco


Wyoming Irwin


Audrey Lareau


Sara Schoelen


Elizabeth Schoelen


Erica Spengler












  • Alyson Furnback
  • Shalane Gargan
  • Michelle Kim
  • Elizabeth Lemmon
  • Karen Nyquist
  • Marla Raffety
  • Maya Russell-Nava
  • Stephen Tinelli
  • Melwyn Torres


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