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Gloria: Isolation Versus Independence

04/21/2009 09:39
Think about this common classroom-setting scenario: A student is doing a task, and the person who is working with him is observing him carefully to make sure he is doing it correctly. This person only intervenes when she sees the student needing help to finish the task or when he is taking too...

Gloria: The Other Man’s Shoes

04/03/2009 15:13
Yesterday I was doing a training on tactile signing for staff at a residential setting who had a new student who is deaf-blind. I had been in this place before but the people and the particular room were we where meeting, were new. I did not know anyone there. In this training I asked people to...

David: Good website

04/03/2009 10:09
David here again. I wanted to let you know about a website that I only discovered recently - The National Scientific Council on the Developing Child. Among other things it has a set of Working Papers that can be downloaded free. Titles of these include #1: "Young Children Develop in an...

David: Hot greetings!

04/02/2009 13:37
Hi - David here, blogging for the first time ever in my sixties, thanks to some high-level Tech Support from Ty. Looking forward to whining about my job in the future, but for now I just want to celebrate our new website and to thank Ty for getting it up and running so quickly and easily. See you...

Ty: Welcome to the new CDBS website!

04/01/2009 09:38
Hi everyone! Welcome to the new CDBS website! Here's an overview of new features to check out: CDBS Staff Blog: This is it! Each month you'll get to read the latest of what's on the minds of CDBS staff. Say hello to Maurice, David, Gloria, Myrna, Ty (that's me!) as well as occasional guest...

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