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Maurice: Top 5 Phrases that Bother People who are Deaf-Blind

10/15/2009 14:45
Many years ago I attended a workshop and was given an interesting single page handout titled “What are some phrases that bother individuals who are deaf-blind?” I filed this paper away and moved it many times from office to office without giving it much thought. (I don’t know who wrote it but I...

Maurice: Deaf-blind or deafblind: Why We Still Use the Hyphen

09/04/2009 13:07
When searching websites and resources about deaf-blindness, you may wonder why you sometimes see deaf-blindness spelled with a hyphen and at other times without (i.e., deaf-blind and deafblind). There is an opinion that by merging the two words into one without a hyphen, the new word more...

Gloria: Time to Celebrate

09/02/2009 11:22
My colleague Cristi Mercedes Saylor, a deaf/hard of hearing specialist in San Diego County, emailed me great news about a student that CDBS has provided technical assistance to since February 2003. At that time the child was three years old; she is now nine. Cristi wrote that the child’s...

Gloria/David/Ty: Creativity and Education

06/15/2009 14:39
Here is a link (also viewable directly below) to a really good short video that has huge relevance for anyone working in the field of deaf-blind education. It also fits very nicely with an upcoming article about motivators in the next issue of reSources coming out on July 15.  

Guest Blogger - Cristi Mercedes Saylor: Creating Our Own Training and Support Group

06/03/2009 12:06
Creating Our Own Training and Support Group - Cristi Mercedes Saylor, DHH itinerant teacher, East San Diego County In my work as an itinerant teacher I have had the opportunity to work with several children or young people who are deaf-blind or who are deaf and have multiple handicaps. I also was...

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