Staff Blog

Julie: TVI videos are on-line!

10/01/2010 16:08
Our next installment of Who's Who On My Child's Team:  Teacher of the Visually Impaired can be found in our videos section.

Julie: OT Video is Now Available

09/02/2010 13:31
The OT videos are posted and ready for viewing!

Maurice: Great new intervener training resource available

08/23/2010 15:15
In addition to the CDBS Online Introduction to Interveners, which is the new learning module available on this website, another important new training product related to interveners is now available for loan from the CDBS professional reference library. This new resource, titled Deafblindness and...

Julie: OT video will be up soon

08/20/2010 09:17
I am very pleased to be a part of the CDBS team!  Since my arrival, I have been working on a video regarding occupational therapy for the project "Who's Who on My Child's Team."  I will post it to YouTube shortly, so please check back with us soon.  Thank you!  

Ty: New Features!

05/25/2010 11:45
Hi everyone We have two brand new features on the website: Publications, and the Online Introduction to Interveners (OLITI) learning module. Publications features special articles written by CDBS staff. Our first set is Forgotten Senses, by David Brown. It's a series of articles originally featured...