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Gloria Rodriguez-Gil - Conference in Brazil

09/01/2011 09:04
The Deaf-Blind International (DBI) Conference is coming up soon! It will be in São Paulo, Brazil from Tuesday 27, 2011 to Saturday October 1, 2001. The conference theme is “Inclusion For a Life of Opportunities.” The plenary and workshops will be on: 1. Inclusive...

Julie Maier: Completion ceremony for our third cohort of students in the University-CDBS Partnership Project

07/19/2011 12:13
On Wednesday, July 13th David, Maurice and I joined Dr. Pam Hunt, Coordinator of the Moderate-Severe Area Program at San Francisco State University and Director of the University-CDBS Partnership Project, and Dr. Barbara Franklin, CDBS Principal Investigator, to celebrate the completion of another...

Gloria: Norman grows up

06/20/2011 14:45
Myrna Medina and I met recently at her home office to organize our next annual family Spanish training.  When we finished working I found Norman, Myrna’s son, hanging out in the living room. There he was, sitting on a sofa, and it amazed me how tall and grown up he looked. I’ve known Norman...

Gloria: Webinar on Using iPads and Applications (Apps) with Children, Youth and Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind

06/20/2011 11:48
I was asked by Kathy McNulty from the National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB) to be one of the presenters in a webinar (link below) on how this new technology can support children, youth and adults who are deaf-blind. Below is a brief summary of the webinar’s contents. There are four...

Julie: iPad webinar with Gloria Rodriguez-Gil

06/15/2011 11:37
Educational Specialist Gloria Rodriguez-Gil was one of the presenters today on an informative NCDB (National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness) webinar about iPads and their usefulness with students with deaf-blindness. NCDB will post the archived webinar on their website shortly at...

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