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Gloria: The Ipad as an Informal Assessment Tool

10/29/2012 13:57
As an educational specialist I make school and home visits to provide technical assistance to families and service providers.  On many recent home visits I have brought along the iPad to help me get a better idea of the child's interests and needs. I have found the iPad is a great informal...

Gloria: Deaf-Blind Virtual Community

08/21/2012 13:19
In my last article “Beyond the Classroom and Into the School Community” I emphasized the need of viewing the school as much more than what is offered within the walls of each classroom and the limits of each role. Instead, it should be seen as a community where everyone supports the sense of...

Gloria: A Flexible Approach

06/07/2012 11:58
Recently I had the opportunity to observe an interesting session of a ten-year-old student with CHARGE Syndrome working at home with her speech and language therapist (SLT) and occupational therapist (OT). The purpose of this blog is to describe aspects of the session that reveal the therapists’...

Gloria: Planning for Transitions

05/22/2012 09:47
For students who are deaf-blind, transitions are as important as the activities themselves. This may be difficult to understand for those who work with this population and for their friends and family because typically we tend to focus on the activity that we want to do with them and less on how...

Barbara Franklin: Audiology Update

05/10/2012 10:22
I attended the meeting of the American Association of Audiologists, the AAA, the last week of March.  I spent considerable time in the exhibit area which grows more impressive each year.  I will describe the current improvement of the cochlear implant, specifically by Cochlear...

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