SDSU/CDBS Intervener Training Program


SDSU/CDBS Intervener Training Program

2018/2019 First Year Pilot

San Diego State University (SDSU) and California Deafblind Services (CDBS) are collaborating to provide a university-based intervener training program to prepare paraeducators to effectively serve learners who are deafblind. Interveners are paraeducators with specialized knowledge and skills in deafblindness. Trained interveners allow school districts and agencies to effectively meet the unique individualized support needs of students who benefit from intervention services.  

Over the course of two semesters (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019) students will engage in an online course of study that includes the rigorous and nationally recognized Open Hands, Open Access Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules. Through self-guided study students will access the modules asynchronously (i.e., at days and times of their own choosing), with thee synchronous class meetings each semester. Course instructors will be deafblind specialists from SDSU and CDBS.

District and LEA support of the participant’s efforts (e.g. release time, stipend) will increase the likelihood of successful completion of this training program. This is a non-credit bearing university program. Upon successful completion each participant will receive a university certificate of completion of the SDSU/CDBS Intervener Training Program.

For more information please contact:


Christopher Brum, Ph.D.

San Diego State University - or 619-594-4814


Maurice Belote

California Deafblind Services or 415-405-7558


Julie Maier

California Deafblind Services - or 415-405-7559