Gloria: Apps and Resources for Young Children with Special Needs

03/06/2012 12:11

Cristi Saylor (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Itinerant teacher from the San Diego County Office of Education) and I attended the Cal Ed 2012 Conference this past weekend. Our presentation--Insights on Using the iPad for Students with Special Needs--was based on our experiences working with students who are deaf-blind, deaf, and hard of hearing with special needs.

After an introduction on how to use the iPad, Cristi and I discussed its advantages, disadvantages and considerations when using it with this population, and presented apps (applications) that have proven to work. We also showed some video clips of children using different apps and a sequence on the initial stages of using the iPad as a learning tool. 

Below is a list of the apps and resources we discussed with the audience. I have also included the resources the audience shared with us. 

Cause and effect apps where child can touch anywhere on the iPad

  • Baby Finger
  • Bubbles
  • Fun Fireworks
  • Fluidity
  • Play Piano

Cause and effect apps where child needs to touch in specific areas on the iPad

  • Pocket Pond
  • Peekaboo Barn
  • Fun Stars
  • Go Away Big Green Monster

Child needs to take in the whole scene and touch on specific characters or objects

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider

Early Concept Development

  • Zoo Train
  • Match it Up 1

Dexterity and Problem Solving

  • Imazing
  • Dexteria
  • Fruit Ninja


  • Verbal Victor
  • Tap to Talk

Utah School for the Deaf & the BlindiPad App Information

I Technologies (iPads, iPhones, iTouch)

Project Endeavor: Through this project people who are deaf can purchase iPads and other devices at a substantial savings.

Rubberized case for the iPad 1 and iPad 2 that includes dual amplified speakers that enhances the sound quality and volume. They are from a company called AMDi.

Extreme duty case for iPad 2

Resources shared by the audience
Special Needs Apps for Kids

Itouch the World: Using Technology in Deaf Education
List of apps they used in this project:

found in blank
ASL Literature for the iPad

Computer Using Educators
(Participant reported that you can grants to them)

Starkey Laboratories
Hearing Loss Simulator App


Topic: Gloria: Apps and Resources for Young Children with Special Needs

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