Ty: Welcome to the new CDBS website!

04/01/2009 09:38

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new CDBS website!

Here's an overview of new features to check out:

  • CDBS Staff Blog: This is it! Each month you'll get to read the latest of what's on the minds of CDBS staff. Say hello to Maurice, David, Gloria, Myrna, Ty (that's me!) as well as occasional guest bloggers! (Get RSS feed to blog)
  • CDBS Forum: See what your fellow site visitors have to say on topics related to the world of Deaf-Blindness - share your thoughts, pose your questions, and find some answers!
  • RSS feeds: Stay up to date on the latest happenings. RSS (which stands for Really Simple Syndication) allows you to get notifications when specific parts of the site (for example: Blog, Newsletters, Fact Sheets, etc.) are updated.
  • Event Registration: Some CDBS events will have online registration available. Check back regularly for announcements for new events.
  • reSources Newsletter: All new issues will be available in a searchable and easy-to-access html format.

Hope you enjoy the site!

- Ty

Ty Eng Lim, CDBS Administrative Support Coordinator

Topic: Welcome to the new CDBS website!

Date 04/14/2009

By Jeri Hart

Subject Love the site!


Congratulations on the new site! Thanks, Ty, for your hard work. I look forward to meeting you at the Advisory Meeting on the 30th.

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