Deafblindness: Educational Service Guidelines

09/02/2009 14:39
  • Deafblindness: Educational Service Guidelines

Edited by Marianne Riggio and Barbara McLetchie and published in 2008 by Perkins School for the Blind.

From the book’s Foreword by Joe McNulty of the National Coalition on Deafblindness:

Deafblindness: Educational Service Guidelines offers state and local education agencies a framework from which meaningful, appropriate programming for students who are deafblind can be developed. These guidelines identify the knowledge and skills educators need to assist their students who are deafblind reach their full potential and become successful, contributing members of our society.

The Guidelines were developed by a group of educators and family members in collaboration with the National Association of State Directors of Special Education. While the primary target audience is administrators and state education agency staff (i.e., the California Department of Education), families, classroom teachers and specialists will find the guidelines useful in guiding program development and implementation. The guidelines are divided into five main sections: 1) foundations, 2) educational personnel, 3) assessment, 4) services and placement options, and 5) supportive structure and administration.

As of this writing, the Deafblindness: Educational Service Guidelines document is available from Perkins School for the Blind for the cost of $25. For information about ordering, visit: