My name is Myrna Medina, and my very supportive husband is Juan, and we are the parents of two great children, Deloris (17) and Norman (15); we also have a dog named Buster. I was born in Durango, Mexico, and lived in the Los Angeles area for over 15 years. Since 2002 my home has been in Riverside, California, and in 2000 I joined California Deaf-Blind Services as a family specialist.

Norman is deaf-blind, and I have learned through the years how to deal with many different situations that are sometimes very difficult. I also know what is is like to cope with the grief that keeps resurfacing every time something new happens regarding Norman. I have learned to navigate systems such as education, health, in-home support services, and the Social Security Administration (for Norman’s SSI – Supplemental Security Income). I am happy to share my experience and knowledge with other families.