New OHOA  (Open Hands Open Access) Classes starting online in January

Cohorts start Monday, January 11, 2016

Dates: January 11, 2016 – Approx March 28, 2016   
Cost? FREE

Two choices of classes with 2 modules in each class
1)  Modules 1 & 3   or      2)  Modules 6 and your choice of 7 or 8

Description of OHOA Courses

(1, 3, 6, 7, & 8 available as hosted modules in January)                                                                                                                               


(Please see directions to sign-up for courses at bottom of this text, you will not be able to access the hosted modules if you try to sign up directly through NCDB site above)

What is OHOA?  
OHOA stands for Open Hands Open Access, which is a series of online modules designed to train paraeducators in effective educational strategies for students with deaf-blindness, but the training can be helpful and informative to any team member or parent.
You can view a welcome video at

Who should take these modules?   Any and all people working with students who have deaf-blindness: teachers, paraeducators, SLPs, O&M, PT, DHH, VI, Parents, etc.

What will I receive by taking these online modules?   You will gain valuable knowledge on strategies for teaching and working with individuals with deaf-blindness. You will also receive a Professional Development Certificate for each module completed that states the number of hours invested in each course.

How much time will it take?   
It should take no more than 2-3 hours per week of your time.

Can I take both classes at once?   
Please choose either Cohort 1 (Mods 1 & 3) or Cohort 2 (Mods 6 & 7 or 8). Other courses will be hosted later and open-access (unhosted) modules are available to enroll in directly through NCDB anytime.

How do I sign up?  
Email your California Deaf-Blind Services (CDBS) contact person (listed below) and let them know the following information:
1)    Your first and last name,    
2)    City and state you live or work in
3)    Your role/position     
4)    Your email address for contact about the online modules.

TO ENROLL - Email the information above to one of the CDBS Staff:

Maurice Belote:, Julie Maier:, or Stacy Aguilera:

Flyer visually stating same details as text above - OHOA classes starting in Jan 2016

20th Annual Lowenfeld-Akeson Early Years Symposium

(Yes, 20 years! We'll have cake!)

Saturday, January 30, 2016 / 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
California School for the Blind, Fremont

"Motivating to Move: Motor, Development, and More!"
Speaker: Tanni Anthony, Ph.D.
Director of Access, Literacy and Learning
Colorado Department of Education

This workshop will focus on early motor and concept development for young children with visual impairments, including children with additional disabilities. Registration materials will be available in mid-November. Dr. Anthony is a wonderfully engaging speaker and you will not want to miss this event.

More details will be added as we get closer to the event date...

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Reserve Estas Fechas! - Save these Dates!

Próximos Webinars para Familias de Habla Hispana


  • Noviembre 7, 2015 - 3pm ET/12pm PT -  Un paseo por la Tierra de Oz: Las Veinte Mejores Estrategias de los Padres de Familia para Organizar la Vida / A trip to the Land of Oz: Parent’s Top Twenty Strategies for Managing Life 
  • Enero 23, 2016 - 3pm ET/12pm PT -  Comunicación  en la Familia y con Educadores / Communication with family and educators
  • Marzo 12, 2016 - 3pm ET/12pm PT -  Entrenamiento de Liderazgo, Es usted un Líder? / Leadership, Are you a Leader?
  • Mayo 14, 2016 - 3pm ET/12pm PT -  Planteamiento Personal del Futuro / Personal Future Planning
  • Septiembre 24,  2016 - 3pm ET/12pm PT -  Equipos Colaborativos entre Padres y Educadores / Parent/Professional Collaborative Teams