Topic: The importance of having the disability of deaf-blindness “checked” in the IEP

Date 03/03/2011

By cristi saylor

Subject checking deafblind on the IEP

I agree that this is an important thing for people to realize. My experience has been that there is a lot of resistance to using the term deafblind on the IEP. I think it stems from a misunderstanding of what deafblindness means. I have been told that because the child can see something that they don't qualify and then the team will put mulitple disabilities and describe them in the notes - and the notes end up sounding like deafblindness to me. so this continues to be a real struggle. i think the more people can understand the wide range of vision and deafness of children who are deafblind the more willing they may be to write it on the IEP. thanks for writing this article. i think i may print it and use it with IEP teams.