Topic: Current Generation of Tablet Computers and Deaf-Blindness

Date 01/26/2011

By Gloria Rodriguez-Gil

Subject response to previous comments and new link

Terena Scott brought the issue of glare with her daughter and this can be a problem for many children with low vision. The iPad's glossy screen can be difficult to see in certain environments. The anti-glare protector sheet recommended by Susan Hiscutt can help with this problem because it helps to defuse the light so it's not reflected straight into the child's eyes.

I think Susan Hiscutt makes a great point about the fact that the iPad is "so normal," in comparison with other communication devices that are being used for communication. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in her son's seventh grade class, in the sense that perhaps he may have more interactions with his typical peers.

Paddi Davies from NCDB brought to our attention the following blog.

The statement's blog says that it is "design to document infant-toddlers with disabilities using and iPad to promote their development..."