Topic: Current Generation of Tablet Computers and Deaf-Blindness

Date 01/25/2011

By Susan Hiscutt

Subject iPAD

We purchased an iPAD for our 13 year old son, who has CHARGE Syndrome, for his Christmas present! We have downloaded the app Proloque2Go. We are still learning how to use both and how to incorporate them in his daily life. We are hoping to meet with his special ed teacher & school SLP (he is fully included in 7th grade), but the lovely winter weather we keep having is hindering this effort! Maybe one day. Our private SLP is very excited about incorporating it into our son's communication modes. He is non-verbal, uses sign language for expressive language and uses sign/verbal for receptive language.

The iPAD is really cool and has MANY possibilities. The best thing is it is so "normal" and not like any of the other "communication devices" we have tried before.

I too just saw the news story about the Verbal Victor, but have not checked out the app. The price is much better than the Proloque2Go. Proloque2Go has over 7,000 pictures and you can add to it. Not sure what the Verbal Victor has to offer.

I would love to hear from others who are using the iPAD with children with DB or other disabilities and see how they are incorporating its use into their child's life. I have heard that the iPAD/iTouch is being used by children with Autism too.

My comment to the post above, we purchased a anti-glare screen protector sheet to go with our iPAD. We haven't used the iPAD out in the bright sun, but we don't seem to have any problem with glare or our son's ability to see the screen.

This new technology and all the apps that have been and are being created is really exciting. I am looking forward to see how they will open doors for my son and so many others!

Keep sharing what you learn!