Topic: Current Generation of Tablet Computers and Deaf-Blindness

Date 01/24/2011

By Terena Scott

Subject iPad

I purchased an iPad for my deaf blind teenaged daughter to see if what something she could use. She also has ataxia (tremors) in her hands, so using a computer can be tricky. It's taken several months, but she can now scroll through photos and can touch the screen with just the right amount of sensitivity. She has also learned how to enlarge a photo by double tapping and is learning how to "stretch" her fingers to make it even bigger. She isn't completely independent using it, but I think in time she may be.

The screen appears to be clear enough for her to see quite a lot of detail, but glare is a problem, so we have to be careful at what angle she has it. We haven't enlarged the icons, but she's memorized their position, so as long as I'm careful not to rearrange them too much when we add aps, it works well.

Overall, I'm pleased with this tool and I think over time it will be very useful for her. We're now looking at ways to use it in school.