CDBS serves individuals from birth through age 21 who have both hearing and vision problems, with or without additional disabilities.


"Ask the Expert" is a technical assistance feature of the CDBS website designed to share information among families and service providers throughout the state.  If you have a question about how to better meet the needs of an individual who is deaf-blind, chances are there are others who will benefit from being able to access this question and answer exchange.  Your question will be forwarded to a CDBS staff member who will post an answer online.  Over time, we will generate an archive of technical assistance topics that will assist others with similar challenges.  Of course, if you prefer to ask a question privately, just indicate that when you submit your question and the answer will be sent only to you; the question and answer will not appear on the website.


In order to maintain the confidentiality of children and youth who are deaf-blind, their families, and service providers, we ask that you not include the names of children/students or information about where they live.  And although we will ask you for your name and email address, this information will not appear on the CDBS website for others to read.