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Julie: New website about interveners

09/19/2011 14:54
FYI: is a website that focusses solely on intervener skills, responsibilities, and training.  And don't forget our tutorial OLITI which is a great introduction to the field.

Julie: Free Telephones for People with Hearing and Visual Impairments

09/06/2011 14:20
Casey Kho, an Outreach Specialist with the California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) recently reminded CDBS staff that free, specialized telephones and support are available to individuals who have hearing and/or visual impairments.  All you need to do is fill out a simple application, have...

Gloria Rodriguez-Gil - Conference in Brazil

09/01/2011 09:04
The Deaf-Blind International (DBI) Conference is coming up soon! It will be in São Paulo, Brazil from Tuesday 27, 2011 to Saturday October 1, 2001. The conference theme is “Inclusion For a Life of Opportunities.” The plenary and workshops will be on: 1. Inclusive...

Julie Maier: Completion ceremony for our third cohort of students in the University-CDBS Partnership Project

07/19/2011 12:13
On Wednesday, July 13th David, Maurice and I joined Dr. Pam Hunt, Coordinator of the Moderate-Severe Area Program at San Francisco State University and Director of the University-CDBS Partnership Project, and Dr. Barbara Franklin, CDBS Principal Investigator, to celebrate the completion of another...

Gloria: Norman grows up

06/20/2011 14:45
Myrna Medina and I met recently at her home office to organize our next annual family Spanish training.  When we finished working I found Norman, Myrna’s son, hanging out in the living room. There he was, sitting on a sofa, and it amazed me how tall and grown up he looked. I’ve known Norman...

Gloria: Webinar on Using iPads and Applications (Apps) with Children, Youth and Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind

06/20/2011 11:48
I was asked by Kathy McNulty from the National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB) to be one of the presenters in a webinar (link below) on how this new technology can support children, youth and adults who are deaf-blind. Below is a brief summary of the webinar’s contents. There are four...

Julie: iPad webinar with Gloria Rodriguez-Gil

06/15/2011 11:37
Educational Specialist Gloria Rodriguez-Gil was one of the presenters today on an informative NCDB (National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness) webinar about iPads and their usefulness with students with deaf-blindness. NCDB will post the archived webinar on their website shortly at...

David: BASIC

06/10/2011 08:37
BASIC – Brothers And Sisters In CHARGE The San Francisco Bay Area now has an organization for families with members with CHARGE syndrome. Begun in 2010 by two parents (Lacey Friedman and Victoria Criswell) as a lunchtime meeting group for mothers, the group held its first full family event on May...

Myrna: Changes in Medi-Cal

05/19/2011 10:46
I learned about some important changes to Medi-Cal at a recent meeting that I would like share with you. As you may know, a mandatory enrollment to the Medi-Cal Managed Care health plan will begin June 1, 2011. There will be a 12-month enrollment process—from May 2011 to April 2012—in which seniors...

Maurice: The concept of gamification

05/13/2011 10:39
The concept of gamification: Rethinking what really motivates students in the age of video games I have been hearing more and more about a concept known as gamification, which is the idea of using game mechanics to address social issues and solve social problems. I recently heard a National Public...