CDBS serves individuals from birth through age 21 who have both hearing and vision problems, with or without additional disabilities.

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So that we may schedule the multiple visits or trainings needed, please note that any new Comprehensive Technical Assistance (TA) requests received after Tuesday March 1, 2016 will be scheduled to occur during the Fall 2016 school year. Thank you for your understanding. This is done to avoid disruption to classes and allow the school teams that will continue working with the student to be in place. Please note that new Focused TA requests will continue to be scheduled as soon as able after they are received.


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Child Count in action - California educators may be receiving requests for information about children with deafblindness. This is part of our annual child count census.

For more information, please visit the Child Count section of our website:


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University-CDBS Specialization Program in Deaf-Blindness 2014-2018 


This  personnel preparation project represents a partnership between the San Francisco State University credential program in moderate/severe disabilities and the staff at California Deaf-Blind Services. The purpose of the personnel preparation project is to prepare teachers to serve students who are deaf-blind.

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There will be four courses specific to learners who are deaf-blind. Two of the four courses are graduate seminars in deaf-blindness taught by CDBS staff. While project participants are enrolled in the first seminar, they are also completing a fieldwork course, observing and interacting with students who are deaf-blind. The fieldwork provides them with the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained through the seminar presentations and discussions, and other credential courses, to students in educational settings who are deaf-blind.

The final course is an internship with the staff from California Deaf-Blind Services, which begins while they are enrolled in the second graduate seminar and extends into the summer. During the internship they have a number of intern hours to complete. They do that by traveling with CDBS staff as they provide training and technical assistance. Through this rich internship experience, they not only gain additional information related to deaf-blindness and effective educational practices with this population of students, they also observe the talented and experienced CDBS staff provide effective technical assistance to families and educational team members and deliver training in a variety of contexts. Through their supported engagement in these activities, they develop skills in providing technical assistance to others.


To find out more about this innovative partnership, view San Francisco State University's article about the Specialization Program in Deaf-Blindness.


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For detailed information on technical assistance and to download a request form, please visit the Services section of our website.


The process for technical assistance has changed. CDBS now provides two types of technical assistance (TA) individualized for specific children/students:

  • Focused TA: Short-term assistance via distance technology for basic needs of a single team member and/or family.
  • Comprehensive TA: Intensive, sustained assistance designed to address multiple challenges faced by numerous educational team members, including family members.

Please note: The technical assistance request must come directly from the person(s) who will be receiving the service as we cannot accept referrals from third parties (i.e., you cannot request technical assistance for someone else).

If you have questions about what type of TA might be right for your specific situation, contact Maurice Belote, CDBS Project Coordinator, at or 415-405-7558.


Vea y descargue las versiones en Español de los dos documentos nuevos - Preguntas Frecuentes y Solicitud de Apoyo Técnico:

CDBS TA Preguntas Frecuentes 2014.pdf (204890)

CDBS TA Solicitud de Apoyo Técnico 2015.pdf

 CDBS serves individuals from birth through age 21 who have hearing and vision problems, with or without additional disabilities. 

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Enter a rewarding and exciting field with great people and many job prospects throughout the country. Find out about the Teacher Preparation Program in Visual Impairments at San Francisco State University.

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